[at095] Ragnhild May & Kristoffer Raasted - Sketch

Date of release: 03.04.2019
Format: FILE - MP3 / WAV
Length: 13:04 min
Artwork: Hajimi Kato / Audiotalaia





Conceptually, the piece combines electronic, sound generating circuits with vocal performance, considered as a balanced combination of sound sources informed by traditions of art, song writing & electronic music.

Some of the ideas implemented in the piece are the blending in of song structures as a textural element in the sound rather than a foreground lead singer role. The purpose of blurring the edges of concepts such as producer, lead singer, instrumentalist etc. is to work against the inherent hierarchical structures in such binary dichotomies such as singer / producer, artist / musician etc.

Technically the piece is semi-improvised, semi-composed. The recording is made in Mayhem, Copenhagen, and edited in Tokyo, Japan. Throughout the process, the piece has been in constant development with added layers, also in the mixing process. The mastering is considered an addition to rather than an alteration of the file. 


Ragnhild May: modular synthesizer, mixing
Kristoffer Raasted: voice (loop-pedal), cymbals, mastering