Summer Camp 2018

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This is the release page of the outcome of the 9 days workshop "Audiotalaia Summer Camp" held at El Polell, Montseny, Barcelona, Catalonia between the 13th and the 22nd of July 2018.

The works are the result of various exercises proposed by Edu Comelles and the outcome is the what remained of different collective processes taking place within various groups of participants at the Summer Camp.

Very short premises where stablished for the exercises giving a big amount of creative freedom and the right amount of constriction. Final presentations open to the public are also featured in this album. These are works done collectively and without creative or technical restrictions.



All works done collectively by Joan Cot Ros, Carina Pesch, Martina Weber, Ludwig Meckel, Varun Krishnan, Robert Coleman, Joe Dixon, Tiago Tobias, Arzu Saglam, Emma Fern, Beth Horseman, Robin Meeker-Cummings, Sonia Killmann, Martín Pineda and Constanze Flamme.

All videos and photos taken by Balbina Sardà.


Audio Recordings:


Video Documentation:


Photos (More on Facebook):