[at093] Cuneta & Cerca Sonora - Músicas Brutas III

Date of release: 18.02.2019
Format: FILE - MP3 / WAV
Length: 16:00 min
Artwork: Audiotalaia / Cuneta




Músicas Brutas (Raw Music in Spanish) is a project developed by Cuneta (Alba Murcia and Vicent Pelechano) since 2013. The project exists halfway through the school and the artistic sphere. The aim of the project is to merge experimental music and media arts within different social groups. They usually work with collectives that have no linkage or involvement in any artistic scene hence they are not conditioned by preconceptions, restrictions and constrains from this creative spheres. 

Murcia and Pelechano in constant search of the spontaneous, accesible and unique capabilities that can rise from any human being regardless of their condition, background or origin.  A good exemple of the freedom and breaking-boundary attitude is their previous instalment in the series released in Audiotalaia back in 2014 while working in the UK with the National Star Collegue.

This time around, Músicas Brutas III goes one step beyond into weirdness with those 6 new tracks that unfold as sonic collage of scenes, musics, melodies, effects and field recordings that breath experimentation, spontaneity, playfulness and a limitless horizon of imaginative turning points that leave the listener wandering what lead to each minute of this vivid tapestry of sounds.

Músicas Brutas III was commissioned by Cerca Sonora project by Equip 351, an artistic program putting music creation in various middle schools in Valencia (Spain).  The four central pieces of the album where composed and re-configurated to be presented as an sound installation. Original works where done inspired by pieces from Agnés Pe, Isabel Latorre, José Vicente Fuentes and Cuneta themselves. Theu were then re-played and re-interpreted by High School Students..



01. Éter (3:24). 
Cuneta Improv.

02. Xativarum Especulae Xilofonito (Loop 2:16) 
Collage of various recordings and pieces done by students at IES Josep de Ribera de Xàtiva.

03. La porta d'Algemesí (Loop 2:39) 
Collage of various recordings and pieces done by students at IES Bernat Guinovart d'Algemesí.

04. Zira Zira Bé (Loop 3:12)
Collage of various recordings and pieces done by students at IES Número 4 d'Alzira.

05. Catavaldi Vivarroja Computer Fantasy (Loop 2:22)
Collage of various recordings and pieces done by students at  IES Berenguer Dalmau de Catarroja.

06. Ki kiki a ka ki (1:45)
Cuneta Improv.

Original idea, mix and mastering by Cuneta (Alba Murcia and Vicent Pelechano) 2018.


This work is licensed under a creative commons license 4.0 share alike.