[at079] Daniel Blomquist - Nascent / Egress

Date of release: 07.07.15
Format: FILE - MP3 / WAV 
Length: 32:59 min
Artwork: Audiotalaia.



Before we go for the summer we wanted to release one last album. Always keeping in mind the hot Spanish summer, Daniel Blomquist Nascent / Egress is the right recipe for that weather. Blomquist language navigates between the digital imagery and the analogue warmth of tape looping. In this two pieces release we can have a grasp of his way to work, approach and view over sound, composition and sonic texture.

Beyond the first glance, Nascent / Egress unveils a whole horizon of sonic imagination that unfolds in front of us. Blomquist work it has always a certain remembrance of being part of a cinematic experience, it has narrative, drama and epics embedded on its DNA. Blomquist music has a soul, and emotivity, and this is a breath of fresh air after too much emotionless sound art.

We also highly recommend to take a detour and listen to what Blomquist has on its Bandcamp page and Soundcloud.


Ash blows away in the wind while the physical structure stays tied to the ground. The title of the work, Nascent/Egress, refers to this changing constitution of matter. Each composition moves through different moments leading up to these points. The transient nature of existence can be felt in waves of fear, joy, euphoria, pain and acceptance. With this in mind I think about the music as an environment that the listener is moving through. It carves paths, casts shadows, and creates places in the changing landscape of life.

My work is process based, beginning with samples gathered and manipulated digitally, then dubbed down to analog tape; eroding away music, field recordings and other found media. Effectively reconstituting the quality and predictability of the digital source material. The combinations used in this approach examine the nature of the chosen media, how it is stored, distributed and ultimately how it evolves over time. One sound’s initial intention begets an all-together new purpose by setting points of failure and degradation. His final compositions are warm, textured, emotive environments.

Daniel Blomquist.



Daniel Blomquist – samples, tapes, processing.
Mastered by Lawrence English @158
Text by Daniel Blomquist.
Artwork by Audiotalaia.


Mini Moog Model D
Roland SRV 2000
4 Sony TCM-353V tape recorders
1 Sony Sports Walkman
Cassette tapes
ART Tube Compressor
Arion SMM Metal Master Stereo Distortion
Boss DD 5 Delay
Digitech PDS-1002 Delay
Mackie 1402
Homemade Circuits


Soothing and challenging in alternate measures, Daniel Blomquist’s two-track Nascent/Egress is an exercise in erasure and composure, a series of movements abraded like glass in the waves until it possesses a new allure.

This happens. This is something that happens. The sparse narration lends the album the feel of a book, but not just any book ~ a book that has been found on the shore, ink smeared, pages torn out, spine bent and frayed. With no title or author, one is drawn into the mystery. Did a trauma occur? How did the protagonist survive? And yet, this is not a frightening recording, but a hopeful one. Help – as clear as a whispered voice and as shaded as a shaven loop – is apparent at every turn. It’s as if Blomquist wrote the album for a loved one in empathy and as consolation. Just as everything is about to break, emotions erupting and sorrow spilling forth, a soft reassurance is provided, like a soft hand on a stooped shoulder. I’ll bring you back.

Blomquist’s orchestral loops can be heartrending, but they are balanced by unusual field recordings, scrubbed of recognition. One thinks one hears a bird, a wave, a footstep in a thicket, but one is never sure. The emotional landscape is clearer. Blomquist refers to his music as reflecting “the changing composition of matter”, but the phrase can also refer to mood. When sentences arrive from different speakers (right and left), one senses a dialogue, as likely internal as external. What to think of these sounds is less important as how to feel. In this sense, the fogged miasma comes across as a reflection of emotional processing, working its way toward resolution.

One’s appreciation of the album may hinge on one’s interpretation of the cover. Are the skies clearing or clouding? Is the boat stranded or docked? A clue may be found in the liner notes, which reference the stages of grief. The final stage, acceptance, is the port that Blomquist seeks. In the end, he seems to have found his safe haven, yet restless, he immediately yearns to set sail again.

Richard Allen, A Closer Listen.


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