[atLive_04] xguix - Live at Bellmirall, Girona

Extracto del concierto ofrecido por xguix con motivo de la presentación del disco "a Ragudo". El concierto se celebró en la bodega del Hotel Bellmirall de Girona el pasado 12 de Junio de 2015.

Excerpt of the concert held by xguix as part of the presentation of the album "A Ragudo". The concert was held on the basement of the Hotel Bellmirall at Girona (Spain) the 12th of June 2015.


In 1983 three hundred copies of a vinyl LP entitled “Dark Fields” was released as the one and only album by mysterious band “La T”. Since that time, this industrial, minimalistic and complex album has become one of the most representatives pieces of the underground experimental music scene of the late 70s in Barcelona.

Since then, xguix, co-founder of the mythical band, has hardly performed concerts, nor released any albums, the whole body of his work and oeuvre hasn’t seen the light of the day.

But nevertheless, xguix has dedicated his whole life building his own universe through three main letters, basing it on sound, image, staticity and minimalism “A Ragudo” it’s the second letter, a witness of a way to work, understand and reference and environment a life experience.

“A Ragudo” its just xguix showing us its way to understand sound, in a world where the verse it's being interiorised as a poem, from a land and soil that only makes sense to whom it lives it.

From “T” to “A” there is a path, an immersive experience and the will of emerging from a forgotten landscape into a new scenario. A scenario that might as well take us to the next letter.

The album contains a few "easter eggs" for those with keen ears. Fragments of "Recurrence" by Richard Chartier can be found as a creative homage to the influence over xguix work.



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