[at054] Regina Burbach - Serendipity Effects

Date of release: 09.07.12
Format: FILE - MP3
Length: 42:37 min
Artwork: Lisi Gonzalez / Miguel Angel Pasalodos (photo)

NOTICE: This Work Contains Binaural Field Recordings, Headphones required

We are proud to host the first online release by Regina Burbach, a german sound artist based in Bremen. Burbach presents a two-track album full of field recordings and foley materials. Both pieces presented can be heard as a soundscape collage from different locations, sites and places. The two compositions are a very good example of the way Burbach understands as soundscape composition and its usage as musical material.

Field recordings are combined with music, sound effects, voice and a plethora of sonorities that expand through time. Even that the time is short (the album just lasts for 24 minutes) what Burbach fits in this window of time its quite a bast amount of scenarios, ambiences and musical phrases. It seems that Burbach is trying to show us a world she has heard, a world that wants to share with us on small parcels splattered through ambient sequences creating very fresh and imaginative transitions between acts. As a soundscape composer I particularly enjoyed the way Burbach merges electronica with field recordings and how, doing this, she achieves a piece of time-based art halfway from sound documentary, travel diary and electroacoustic composition.

We specially thank Nigel Samways (Ephre Imprint) for allowing the contact with Regina and making this release possible on Audiotalaia.



01. Mooncakes
02. The Painter's Castle



All tracks composed and arranged by Regina Burbach. 2012.

Licencia de Creative Commons

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