#RuidoVírico_17 / FEB 7 4pm CET


on Twitch.

Delighted to air the first show of the year with such a roster of artists. We are happy to host the amazing music by Japanese ambient musician Hiroshi Ebina who's delicate take on real-time processing of toy instruments through modular synthesis is mesmerizing.

We are also thrilled to dig into the sonic worlds of Ümlaut and JL Maire both working on very different languages but engaging in this particular show in two haunting audiovisual sets that we love. The first bringing in its savoir-faire from New York and the second one exploring the limits of drone minimalism from Madrid.

From a completely different spectrum comes the work by Passepartout Duo formed by Niccoletta Favari and Christopher Salvito from Italy. Exploring contemporary takes on live performance with a stunning sense of presence and sonic gentleness. 

It is also a special day because of Robert Menczel. He was part of one of the last Summer Camp organized by Audiotalaia before the pandemic and he is bringing to Ruido Virico its explorations with prepared guitar and soundscapes, some of those explorations were triggered on the Summer Camp, and this is special for us. 

Finally, we are happy to interview Julio Cesar Palacio about his shop project Circular Sound Art. With him, we will talk about microphones, sound art, and many other things. The interview will be held in Spanish but the rest is music, so enjoy it!