#RuidoVírico_14 / OCT 4th 4pm CET


#RuidoVírico is back and with it we are presenting you the line up for the season premiere. We are delighted to host the work of such talented artists from all over the world. From México to Australia and ranging from IDM, Ambient, Experimental Music and techno we are re-launching our show, more nuanced than ever, open o new styles but keeping the essence intact, our true ove and passion for sound and a dis-located collective listening experience.

Join us this Sunday, starting at 4pm (CET) sharp for an evening of weird music, strange sounds and electronics.

Please remember to subscribe on Twitch to ur platform and to support the artists involved. Without your help and support none of it is possible.

Opening this Sunday, we have the pleasure of presenting the work by australian musician and electronic music producer Fish Slappa. 

ANGLE the duo project by #Madrid based musicians Tomás Florez and Ivor R Tamplin will be live this Sunday on our Twitch Channel. Mexican sound artist Ana Paula Santana will share with us a re-mastered live concert held by here a while back. A true opportunity to inmerse into her very particular sound universe. A must from the mexican scene. A gem of ambient experimentation. 

Malaga audiovisual project BROMO by Paloma Peñarrubia and Azael Ferrer will be presenting their latest album #Signal released by OV Label. We will be interviewing them and listening and watching some of their music and visuals. A must of the Spanish electronic Scene. Interview will be in spanish, music is global! 

Destination Unknown will be live closing the first show of the season. A true dive into the obscure side of rythm and darkness. Javier Piñango, Madrid legendary electronic musician will join us finally with a special audiovisual piece commisioned specifically for Ruido Vírico. An amazing opportunity to get lost inside a bast landscape only made using and old MS-20 synth. 

Finally, Julio Cesar Palacio (Aka Sun Color) will be presenting new works recorded live during his current residency project at l'Estruch nearby Barcelona. A must of the Catalan Scene and a true researcher of the debts and limits of sound, space and sonic digitalism.