#RuidoVírico OPEN CALL



#RudioVírico is an Online Streaming Festival devoted to experimental music, sound art and weird music with special attention to ambient and field recordings. The event happens every weekend broadcasting a selection of concerts done from home, private studios and workshops and held by artists, musicians, performers and improvisers. The festival will be happening as long as the Lockdown is lifted in Spain and beyond.



We are looking for new sound artists, musicians and performers devoted to the fields of ambient, electronic music, sound art and experimental music. We strive for exclusive concerts held at home studios, already recorded unseen live performances or audiovisual pieces. We are also very interested on soundscapes under Covid-19 and creative uses of field recordings and beyond.

Consider that due to the high demand, if we don't have a time slot to include you in the festival your concert might be moved to following broadcasts. Also consider that filling the form doesn't necessary mean that you have been selected. We will study your proposal and if it fits our criteria we will get in touch.

Technical aspects:

In case you are selected you'll receive a confirmation email and you'll have to send us a video to audiotalaia@gmail.com. Videos must com in .mov or .mp4 files (1920x1080, 1280x720 or 720x480 Códec H-264) with a minimum duration of 20 minutes and a max of 45 minutes.


The overall revenue obtained via Paypal / Verse donation will be equally distributed among all artist involved in the current edition of the festival. This implies all revenue during the broadcast and the days after prior to the following broadcast. 

Rights of broadcasting:

Once the broadcast has finished at our channel on Twitch you have the freedom to do as you please with your material. We will keep the videos online for 14 days after the broadcast and afterwards will be eliminated from our profile. We will keep a copy for our records and archive.

Any doubts, problems, questions, please don't hesitate on asking us at audiotalaia@gmail.com.