[atp012] sounDing / 4 phases of de​-​knowing :: variation 004 - Arzu Saglam

Date of release: 19.12.2019
Format: FILE - MP3 / WAV 
Length: 24 minutes.
Artwork: Arzu Saglam / Audiotalaia 


When we are so close, the patterns loose their shape

This is where the lines reveal their discontinuity

Where everything only consists of an accumulation of interruptions

Where everything becomes dots and floating points

Where there is no more touch but only a void that is squeezed between two opposing walls, magnetically held together

aRzu Saglam.


We proudly present the first solo release by Brussels based artist Arzu Saglam. The album here presented as a digital release accompanied by a beautiful physical edition of a 100 posters featuring the visual tided to the sonic world of Arzu Saglam.

The project itself reveals the poetic process behind Saglam work, at the same time, its own conception veils, encodes and muffles our understanding of the inner tensions behind it. One must travel through the visual map and find connections between what can be seen and what can be heard. It seems that the overall experience is designed to immerse the viewer into a bast and rich inner world of corners, turning points, crossroads and possibilities.

In the end, "SounDing / 4 phases of de​-​knowing" is a travel down the rabbit hole into artistic practice, specifically a practice formed by a collage of small elements and a myriad of sound objects, small phrases, thoughts and notebook sketches. It is definitely a celebration of the uncertainty of creative processes and its ephemeral inherent beauty.



01 Phase 1.1
02 Phase 2.1
03 Phase 3.1
04 Phase 4.1



A two sided Rembrandt Stucco (130 gr) paper map (60x40 cm), designed by the author, digitally printed and folded into a calc paper wallet. It contains download code for the whole project.

Includes unlimited streaming via the free Bandcamp app, plus high-quality download in MP3, FLAC and more.



Composed, designed and arrranged by aRzu saglam. 2019.


Thanks to:

Rebecca Glover, Ioana Mandrescu, Bettina Wohlfender // Birke and I & der Fuchs Edu Comelles, Martin Parker, Nurten Oylas & Tiago Tobias Fernandes