[at090] Area / Torres / Gris - La Culture C'est Comme La Confiture ...

Date of release: 17.12.2018 
Format: FILE - MP3 / WAV 
Length: 50:00 min 
Artwork: Audiotalaia 





It was inevitable that sooner or later David Area, Guillermo Torres and Tomás Gris would assemble, record and mix one of the numerous improvisations they have been working on since a while back. The three of them are part of the almost-historic collective maDam based in Madrid. This variable ensemble has been operating since almost 10 years and has been at the core center of the improvisation movement in the capital of Spain. Its latest iteration has been very close related to the trio here presented.

Beyond the musical links, the three of them share a friendship forged over the years and a listening understanding of each other cristalized also in the shared project with Madrid based artists Mario Sarramián which whom they have recorded and played under the name Nanimo.

The trio explores silence, tension, the audible and repetition as a process. The tension arosed from the intent of finding a common ground is what drives the music of this three. Contradiction, dynamics and staticity are also elements of play and rules of engagement in this project.

The pieces that form this album are all a reflection of their daily live, and the struggles of a obscure and almost intimate musical scene. The fact that the recordings allow to listen to Madrid soundscape beyond the windows of the room, exposes the simplicity and grounded nature of the music of Area, Torres and Gris.

The title of the album obscures inner jokes by the authors and exposes their struggles within the scene, the uncertainty of a hyper-underground cultural network and its internal tentions between artists, schools, genres and styles. Again, a reflection of the daily live of this liminar form of music.

This album, beyond its intentions, and thematics talks about a proximity music, honest, direct and raw. A playground for small sounds and affordable electronics. Dig in.



01. La Culture
02. C'est
03. Comme
04. La Confuture
05. Moins On
06. En A
07. Plus On
08. Létale

Guillermo Torres: flugelhorn
Tomás Gris: Guitar

David Area: turntable & electronics

Recorded in Madrid in 2018.

This work is protected under a Creative Commons License 4.0 Share-Alike.