[at089] Carlos González - On Patterns

Date of release: 17.12.2018 
Format: FILE - MP3 / WAV 
Length: 09:06 min 
Artwork: Audiotalaia 





On Patterns is a sound diptych that explores the concept of violence in sound gestuality. Through digital aesthetics and concrete sounds Carlos Gonzalez unfolds ideas, concepts and tentatives towards an experimental practice in two main directions, recorded sounds and digital processing.

The first piece has been entirely generated from synthetic sounds, is obsessively developed from an initial motif that leads to gestures of a generative nature. On the contrary, the second piece explores diverse cyclical patterns, mechanical gestures and granular textures from a recorded sample of scratched plastic.

Both pieces are intended to transport the listener into a world of sounds of apparent certainty, whose sources and behaviors we believe we are able to decipher, only to be eventually evaded.

This is the first released work by Canarian young artist and composer Carlos González Bolaños (1991). We are thrilled to discover the talent from this young composer and the prospects of what his creativity might lead to.

The synthesis and shaping of gestures and sound patterns has been designed and synthesized with SuperCollider. The pieces have been mixed and mastered with Logic Pro X.

On Patterns was included in the list of highly commended pieces in the XII edition of Forum Wallis Ars Electronica.



01. On Patterns I
02. On Patterns II


Mixed, Composed and arranged by Carlos González Bolaños. 
This work is protected under a Creative Commons License 4.0 Share-Alike.