[at077] Chambel, Duplant, Rossique - Sonho Perdido

Date of release: 19.12.14
Format: FILE - MP3 / WAV 
Lenght: 21:00 min
Artwork: Adrià Bofarull / Audiotalaia



Shadows. Paco Rossique


The colors are erased in the words that name them.
The music becomes fossilized in a shadow when scored.


I am a shadow.
I am a shadow that watches me when I sleep.
I am a shadow that crushes the distance strolling through the walls and I stare.
I'm slower than you, I am a shadow, but I try to touch you and i only get a sound whisper in your ears .


The world is a large living museum in which we, angels, statues and costumes, walk bitten by the shadow of the silence.


Sink into the silence does not cost anything, how scary is coming back from there .


Painting and music encounter things.
The music you hear today will be gone forever with you. However, his shadow is immortal.


Concerts are full of shadows, or rather, the shadow is full of concerts. In total darkness, shadows and music become their own doubles. Give me four lives like this and i have been able to combine all echoes to leave a trail. Everything is a shadow .


Shadow of the shadow


Encapsulated glass shade
Shadow stitched to my heels
Undefined aroma Shadow
Shadow in the four cardinal points
Hat with light Shadow
Shadow without character of Plato
Shadow inside the pyramid
Shadow praised and promoted
Shadow of the changing face
Eastern patina Shadow
Shadow mutual and friendly
Shadow hidden in the corners
Shade coming for pages
Shadow gray grasshopper
Shadow untouchable and that does not touch
Shadow that does not support varnish
Shadow of the next day
Coral and smoked shadow
Shadow moving in silos
Shadow placid and restless
Shadow unqualified
Saharian shadow
haunted Shadow
Shadow where you can talk
Shadow ductile and capricious
female Shadow
Shadow overwhelmed
Shadow that crosses her legs
Shadow of the archaeological complex
Mailed Shadow
Shadow of a paused vocal
Shadow of plucked eyebrows
French and sugary Shadow
Shadow issued for periods
Shadow of coffee grounds
Shadow of the Polished Metal
Bipolar Mirror Shadow
Shadow of the executed
Shadow spilled at sea
Shadow onrushing
Shadow added to the rest
Shadow of the shadow.


Shadow of the phial
Shadow that does not support costumes
Shadow in conflict
Shadow of a night
Shadow of the lesson
Shadow off, in the dark
Perpetual shadow
Shadow fallow
Shadow asleep and awake
Baroque Shadow that moves
Mirroring widow Shadow
Shadow that accepts no company
Magnet shadow
Shadow cutout with scissors
Linked tablets Shadow
Shadow of a comma
Rusty Mirror Shadow
Shadow by chance
Shadow that strip
Shadow to devour
Shadow I hide in pockets


Shadow constrictor
Juggler Shadow of impossible balance
Shadow behind your back
Shadow becoming sounds
Shadow of laughter and drum
Shadow under the sea and the sound
Shadow of the hat two heads
Shadow of the taken house
Infinite Shadow of the paper
Shadow of the talkative pencil
Shadow of the royal crown
Shadow of the Circus and the theater
metallurgical Shadow and sound
Shadow of the volcano background
Shadow of water that occurs
Shadow of suspicion
Shadow of the man carrying the trombone
Shadow of the burnt paper
Shadow of your transparent house.
Shadow of the shadow..



Pedro Chambel - electronic devices
Bruno Duplant - electroacoustic devices
Paco Rossique - piano, percussion and electroacoustic devices

Editing and mastering Bruno Duplant.
Text and images - Paco Rossique.


Licencia de Creative Commons

Sonho Perdido by Chambel / Duplant / Rossique is licensed under a Creative Commons Reconocimiento-NoComercial-CompartirIgual 4.0 Internacional License. Creado a partir de la obra en https://archive.org/details/at077SonhoPerdido.