[at064] Javier Piñango - I.r.real Space Music

Date of release: 10.06.13
Format: FILE - MP3 / AIFF 
Lenght: 33:19 min
Artwork: Audiotalaia


It’s been a while since Javier Piñango released his first instalment of the I.r.real project on Exp_Net (label run by himself and Jaime Munárriz). Since the first of the I.r.real series we have been able to see a ascent evolution on the language, characteristics and aesthetics of the solo project by Javier Piñango. If you hear each of the releases one can grasp this evolution, and the subsequent improvement of each of the works. Still, this doesn’t mean that the first ones weren’t good enough, just an evolution, that seen in perspective it can be considered as a tremendous achievement.

So after approaching the “I.r.real” issue from various points of views until the latest “I.r.real Metal Music”, here we have the “Space Music” instalment in which Piñango aims to present a very personal homage to space messaging and transmission systems. As stated by Piñango:

Transmission and listening ...

I.r.real Space Music is a sound approach to spatial messaging poetic and mysterious dimension of the act of transmitting and listening ...

I.r.real Space Music explores certain romanticism places, objects and frequencies that are part of this iconography ...

I.r.real Space Music does not play but creates new satellite transmissions and receptions synth sound inspired by those same messages that referred to ...

So, here we have this five track album full of extreme and gritty textures and frequencies, cliffhangers (yeh, cliffhangers, why not?) and noise-alike aesthetics. No doubt that this work process has been achieved by embracing free improvisation and the gradual inclusion of the Korg MS-20 as a fundamental part of this project.

A new I.r.real set up, a new opportunity to enjoy one of the finest and complex projects on noise and experimentation that one can have the chance to listen to southern from the Pyrenees.



05. SHGb02+14a



All tracks composed and performed by Javier Piñango. 2013.



There is in this work a constant sense of movement, as if sounds explain the story of a journey of exploration, perhaps a search.

Miquel Parera, Music Numbers.


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