[at060] David J. Fonseca - Re Menor

Date of release: 19.01.13
Format: FILE - MP3 / AIFF / WAV
Lenght: 27:08 min
Artwork: Audiotalaia / David J Fonseca


Once again, we are proud to receive and host the work by David J Fonseca in our digital catalogue. As we have said before many times, we are very happy to be able to maintain with certain artists some sort of regularity on releasing their work. Fonseca is one of those artists, that from time to time work out a set of compositions for us to share.

After his previous instalment on Audiotalaia, [at033] Al Borde del Silencio, Fonseca has been working quietly but thoroughly on this work he is presenting to us: Re Menor (D Minor in english). Re Menor is a work presenting a subjacent issue in artists like Fonseca. This issue - also confronted in the Sara Galán debut [at048] Incidencias - its about the burden that some of this artists carry. This is the burden of classical training as musicians and the eternal struggle to free themselves of conventions, rules, metrics and a predefined language. If Galán explored ways to introduce error and malfunction to the music performance, Fonseca takes a step beyond and just points out his background which is masked under the main structure of the album. As footnotes, Fonseca presents us the guitar as his major companion until the digital silence filed his expectations, for now.

So what we find here is a wink to the burden of the classical training and the quest for free experimentation. Each of the tracks are called after the musical scale we are used to, even each track is tuned accordingly.

Anyway, enjoy the rough edges, the digital silence, and the complex structures of Fonseca.



01. Armónico
02. Re
03. Mi
04. Fa
05. Sol
06. La
07. Si Bemol
08. Do
09. Re
10. Acorde



All tracks composed and arranged by David J Fonseca. 2013.


Licencia de Creative Commons

Re Menor by David J Fonseca is licensed under a Creative Commons Reconocimiento-NoComercial-CompartirIgual 3.0 Unported License. Creado a partir de la obra en www.audiotalaia.net.