[at056] tsone - pattern recognition

Date of release: 24.09.12
Format: FILE - MP3
Length: 39:38 min
Artwork: Audiotalaia
Photo: Daria Clarkson


Its always a pleasure to have an artist to release twice or more in the same catalogue, now is the time of Tony Obr (tsone) whose work was released a while back in this very label with that wonderful piece called A Sea Beyond Reckoning. It is worthwhile to take a listen to that very album and then confront this new instalment, pattern recognition.

Both works certainly have many nodes and connections, tsone has been able to deliver a canvas where he presents his own language, if in A Sea Beyond Reckoning it was already confirmed that effectively, tsone sounded like tsone, now we get back a new tweak on his way to understand composition, structure and timber palette. So, knowing this one can find comfort on knowing what are you about to listen.

Pattern Recognition is a tour-de-force in which Tony Obr delivers a perfectly crafted ambient music album, a piece that passes by slowly and evolves on a continuous succession of still images framed in sound. Truly a very gentle listening experience suitable for many ears and tastes.



01. in the basement of the Alamo
02. odd splices
03. pas de chat
04. principia
05. moving from shadow to shadow
06. pattern recognition (all eyes on the sun)
07. occlusion
08. A Generation For The Endlessly Distracted
09. little drifter





All tracks composed by Anthony Obr 2011-12.
Mastered by Ian Hawgood.


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