[at027] Tucker, Tejero, Bonequi - Maquinations of Joy

Date of release: 15.01.10
Format: FILE - MP3
Lenght: 49:32 min
Artwork: Gianfranco Bonadies


Dave Tucker, director of the London Improvisers Orchestra, former member of the legendary punk band The Fall, veteran improviser in Europe, America and England where he has shared stage with some of the most important innovators of this music such as John Stevens, John Butcher or Evan Parker.

Ricardo Tejero one of the few spaniards actively installed in the underground scene of London, board member of the Collective of Spanish improvisers Musicalibre and the FOCO Orchestra, member of the London Improvisers Orchestra which he has conducted, director on several occasions of the Dutch Royal Improvisers Orchestra and also present with several projects around Europe.

Julian Bonequi, Mexican drummer and vocalist based in Barcelona, increasingly recognized in the European improvising scene, an active member of the Collective of Spanish improvisers Musicalibre and the FOCO Orchestra, he has played as guest with the London Improvisers Orchestra since 2008.

Their music comes from the search of nuances in the provocative mix of free jazz and punk together with the creation of energy around an active listening and silence. A meeting that is always trying to find space for creative freedom and a natural but also reflective display of musical concepts.



01. implante
02. invaselin mask
03. machinations for joy
04. electric soup
05. you need this
06. J G ballard
07. stream brief
08. 2+ 1 not 3



Recorded at Music Technology Group IUA Universitat Pompeu Fabra. Barcelona. On 3th of November 2008.

Dave Tucker: guitar & electronics
Ricardo Tejero: saxophone & clarinet
Julian Bonequi: drums, voice & electronics.

Recording engineer: Sara Herculano
Special Thanks to: Cisco Martinez, Jose Lozano, Andres Levin Ritcher & MTG


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Machinations of Joy by Tucker/Tejero/Bonequi is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial-ShareAlike 3.0 Unported License.