#DentroDelCírculo 16 / 27 MAY / Trust Collective - The perfect balance

Dentro Del Círculo es un programa creado por Javier Rey, que se emite en el canal de Audiotalia en Twitch. El programa de esta entrada corresponde a la emisión del 16-05-2021 y esta disponible 60 días después de su emisión, en su formato original audio visual en Twitch y en formato podcast de audio en vuestras plataformas favoritas.



Programa número 16, dedicado al sello Trust Collective




Sunk Cost - Artificial Telepathy I / Artificial Telepathy

Fentanyl Fantasy - One Over Twelve / Overdose

Human Tide - Praising Violence / You Belong Here

Fentanyl Fantasy - Slipping Through The Cracks / Slipping Through The Cracks

Volunteer Coroner - Moments Measured By Grief / Volunteer Coroner / Yolabmi

TØLERANT - Buried Under The Machine Of Worship / A Means To An End

Greathumour - Absolute Praise / Kneel As I Do

Appropriate Savagery - Waiting, In The Comfort Of Misfortune / Chaos As Inevitable Addiction

Apologist - Ego Puncture / Sopor Allegiant

Venetian Roses - Fantasia no. 1 / Fantasia

Törnekrona - I / Törnekrona

Volunteer Coroner - Tools Of The Trade / Concrete Gaze

Crown of Cerberus - Light Dancing / Anonymity

Madrelarva - Transformalin / Nektar

Lessons In Hate - Out Of The Blue / Paintings Of Desire

Lessons In Hate - Ultimo Lamento / Eyes Perfection

Reek Of Divinity - Project Cookie / Ecstasy

Ybalferran - The Labyrinth / Inflorescence

White Stains - Different To You / Beauty & Structure

Korean Jade - Jawbreaker / Dye Washed Eye

Volunteer Coroner - Crimson Pit / In The Garden Of Blood And Bones

Body Fluid - Untitled II / Body Fluid

Barren Column - Lust, Shame And Swelling / Fetishizing Impermanence

Cut Unconscious - Epitaph (For Kip) / Discriminate Operations

Fresh Bait - Ending Credits / Appetite

Volunteer Coroner - Only Surviving Relative / Black Plastic

Crown of Cerberus - Untitled I / Crown of Cerberus

Anasisana - Hate Is Too Great A Burden To Bear / Neither This One, Or The Next

Volunteer Coroner - Once It Is Done You Cannot Go Back / Singled Out In A Crowded Space / Ruinous Thrust / Volunteer Coroner

Barren Column - A Prayer Beyond Reason / Enduring An Endless Lust

Barren Column - Untitled II / To Praise And Starve In Isolation

Human Tide - Collapsed In Lust And Servitude / Reverence For The Lord