#DentroDelCírculo 10 / 25 FEB / enmossed special


Dentro Del Círculo es un programa creado por Javier Rey, que se emite en el canal de Audiotalia en Twitch. El programa de esta entrada corresponde a la emisión del 25-02-2021 y esta disponible 60 días  después de su emisión, en su formato original audio visual en Twitch y en formato podcast de audio en vuestras plataformas favoritas.

Programa número 10, dedicado al sello enmossed.


Karabasan Drane - Array / Crystalline State
Felisha Ledesma - 7:00 AM / Sweet Hour
Chaperone - Fitzgerald / Jazz From the Shelter
Léo Hoffsaes - Une vipère vient de filer sur le rivage / J’ai pour eux cet amour qui ne passe jamais, qui ne faiblit pas
Nazanin Noori - Imagine All That Fall In A Pothole On A Beautiful Day / Farce
Nicholas Maloney - Black Forest Sighs / Lignum Muzek
Florian T M Zeisig - VIII / You Look So Serious
Sebastiano Carghini - One Thing For Another / Blue
Karabasan Drane - Charmer / Crystalline State
Chaperone - Life Without Air-Condition / Northeastern Meditations
Chaperone - Gotcha Politics is the Side Hustle / Jazz From the Shelter
Nick Klein + Lack - ii-a2 / ii
LXV - Slip / A Screen Memory
Bobby Flan - On Loyalties / We Take a Look But Give a Listen
Bobby Flan - A Phone Ringing Into Eternity / We Take a Look But Give a Listen
Glyn Maier - An Indefinite Lattice / Indefinite Lattices
Horaflora - Lunacy In The Garden Of Forking Paths / Eaves Drop
Lauren Tosswill - my home in the year / my home in the year
Nick Klein + Lack - ii-b1 / ii
Patrick Gallagher - Untitled (Set In The Bardo - Side B) / Set In The Bardo
Isham Kouidri - Through The Window (Part 2) / All I See Is Blue
Florian T M Zeisig - Aspire / Coatcheck
COOL FOR YOU - Aspire (Remix) / 'Coatcheck' Remixes
Emily Berregaard - Solis Lae (Lack) / Hallowed
Solid State Entity - Side A / Dystonia Mix
Osawa Tome - Leaf Slide / Mountain Minor
Lack - Side B / Sanctuary Mix
Glochids - Side A / “an awareness of perfection in our minds”
Mike Simonetti - Side B / At the Juncture of Dark & Light Vol. 8
JD Harrington - Side 1 / Libation to Hecate
David Wesley Sutton - In The Dancing / Alterations
Julien Malaussena - Odd music / Articulated sound energy