#RuidoVírico_15 / Sunday November 1st / 4pm (CET)

Proud to present the 15th Edition of #RudioVírico, our monthly show devoted to experimental, electronic and ambient music from all over the world. This month we are happy to present the work by such talented artists. 

From Spain the project Boreas by Rafael Femiano (former Oikos) will be premiering his new solo project exclusively for our platform. It will happen the same with acclaimed ambient combo by David Cordero & Miguel Otero who's latest album to the date entitled "Salinas" it is out and about at Archives Label. Still in Spain we are thrilled to host the work by Erissoma (David Mata) who has been quite for a while and we love that he breaks the silence with us. 

From New York we are delighted to present the work by super-talented ambient musician Christina Giannone who's sonic tapestries are a bliss to listen and to get lost at it. A bit up North, Die Paönie (Véro Marengère + Estelle Schorpp) will bring to our broadcast their electroacoustic and experimental madness right from Montreal, Quebec. 

Finally we are proud to be interviewing international and acclaimed sound creator Francisco López. With him we will talk extensively about its latest curatorial endevour: The exhibition at Museo Reina Sofia entitled "Audiosphere, Sound Experimentation 1980-2020" involving more than 800 sound artists and musicians from all over the world. During the interview we will give away to our viewers five exclusive download codes of the whole archive of compositions displayed on the museum.

All in all, this Sunday, starting at 4pm (CET) on Twitch.