[atLive_05] Lukas Kühne - SoundWalk / Galeria do Loreto

Date of release: 02.11.2018 
Format: Bandcamp Streaming 
Length: 60:00 min 
Artwork: Audiotalaia 
Photo: Vera Marmelo


Lukas Kühne was commissioned by Lisboa Soa festival to conduct a series of soundwalks at the underground facilities of the Mãe d'Água reservoir at Lisbon. This building was built in the 19th Century to distribute water into the city of Lisbon. Now a days, the building remains obsolete due to technological advances, still it is visitable and in September 2018 became the venue for the sound art festival curated by Raquel Castro, Lisboa Soa.

During the days of the festival Lukas Kühne designed a walk that took visitors from Mãe d'Água reservoir (the main building of this water reservoir system) to the Patriarcal Reservoir. Both underground water reservoirs are connected through and underground 1km long tunnel that crosses the city below the streets of Lisbon.

The recording features, in one single take, the entire hour we spent walking, in complete silence, into the depths of the underground tunnel systems from Mae d'Agua till Patriarcal Reservoir.

The soundwalk starts at Casa Do Registo, the room at Mãe d'Água that connects with the tunnel and also hosted my installation "Sínia / Noria / Azenha" that can be heard even half way through the walk. While designing the walk, Lukas decided to keep the installation on integrating the timbers, textures and soundscapes of this piece as part of the whole experience.

During the walk one can grasp the experience by listening through headphones. Resonances, echos, the sound installation, the city soundscape above and footsteps are all blurred, merged and entangled in strange and mesmerizing ways by the acoustics of the tunnel and its architecture, its location and the act of being down there in complete silence, being dragged and following the keen ear of Lukas Kühne.


Thanks to: Raquel Castro and the team of Lisboa Soa who made this walk and the festival possible. Also special thanks to Lukas Kühne for allowing the recording and the release of it in this label.


Recorded by: Edu Comelles.