Gap In The Air, Edinburg 2014-15

Gap in the air: a festival of sonic art
15 November 2014 – 14 February 2015 at Talbot Rice Gallery, Edinburgh

Gap in the air is a celebration of experimental music and sonic art at the University of Edinburgh’s Talbot Rice Gallery, including performances by experimental musicians and artists, work by staff and students, workshops and academic discussions. The programme is dedicated to the experience of sound, the neo-classical space of the Georgian Gallery becoming a sounding-box for the most prescient themes in contemporary sonic art. gap in the air will provide an accessible overview of this expanding field whilst also being a live testing ground for new and innovative ideas.

The season of events spans four thematic sections. And more detailed information about each section will become available in: place, reach, orientation and nature.


The Reach Playlist.

Reach explores sound as a connector across distance. Selected from an open call to international artists reach is an endless playlist of 3D sonic art from around the world, reflecting the vast range of contemporary sonic arts practice, played through a specifically installed 16 channel ambisonic (3D) sound system.

The reach playlist is up featuring sounds and music from around the world. Special thanks to all contributions, it sounds fantastic in there and the range of work is incredibly rich. Below is a listing of the main contributors with links to details of each submission:

Spanish online label Audiotalaia submitted an expansive collection of works released between 2009 and 2014, curated by Edu Comelles. Full details of the pieces submitted are here:

Screen Shot 2014-12-04 at 12.39.33Joseph Anderson, a specialist in ambisonic software development and composer based at DXARTS at the University of Washington sent in a vast list of old and new electroacoustic pieces in b-format. Full details of the pieces submitted are here:

Composer and sonologist Paul Doornbusch sent in three tracks, two are soundscapes from the world heritage site in Hampi, India, the other is a composition called C1W. Full details of the pieces submitted are here:

Digital composer José Rafael Subía Valdez submitted two b-format electroacoustic pieces, Yunka and Quantum. Details of the pieces are here:

Geometric LoveComposer Michael Brown from the University of Derby sent in three compositions inspired or derived from visual forms. You can read and see more on this page:

Edinburgh-based sound recordist and sound designer Kevin Hay sent in two lovely sound walks taken from his recent visit to Africa.

American sound artist Angeline Girard sent us two radio interference tracks … “Part of a project investigating the signal-to-noise ratio in radio and users’ interactions with the medium, this ‘instrumental’ piece was made using close miking techniques to capture electromagnetic noise and emergent signals from a variety of radios and frequency bands. Very little processing was used in composition and mixing of the track, as it’s meant to expose a volatile ambience that’s inaudible without the radio interface, but ever-present.”

Composer Michael Edwards sent in his powerful four-channel work anonymous obvious (aka several instrumental structures to annoy ludi) (2000), Michael said of piece “it was based around a prototype of an instrumental composition algorithm (called slippery chicken). Using instrumental samples, the algorithm generated short musical structures (and will generate longer ones); complete little pieces even, that are surprisingly convincing and somehow musically logical. They are, however, also rather anonymous, that is, to me they sound like a generic form of contemporary classical music that lack my own musical characteristics. Hence the “anonymous” part of the title. Hence the algorithm is still under development.” Further details are available here:
Michael also gave us access to John Chowning’s classic work of computer music Turenas (1972), a now legendary work of electronic composition, especially notable for its four-channel spatialisation techniques. You can read more about this piece in an interview between Chowning and Bijan Zelli given in 1998:

Composer and sound artist Owen Green sent us a b-format recording of his improvising piece Danger in the Air (2006). More details are here:

We’ve also included a couple of recordings from other parts of gap in the air. We’re most grateful to Edimpro and Michel Doneda for allowing us to take extracts from their performance at Talbot Rice on the 27th November 2014.

Marcin Pietruszewski, who is giving a supercollider workshop on the 8th December 2014 gave us two tracks

(Ordered from older to newer).

Artist: Super d’Orch (Pete Clarke, Gisli T Gudmundsson, Gavin Fort, Christian Baker and Liam Webster)
Track: Ring Cycle
Album title: TCP / EP
Catalogue Number: at024
Duration: 2:17”

Artist: OffTheSky (aka Jason Corder)
Track: Silt Water Tear
Album title: Circles Around The World Compilation
Catalogue Number: at025
Duration: 5:56”

Artist: Arturas Bumšteinas
Track: Waking Song (Instrumental Version)
Album title: Eterniday News (Vol.1)
Catalogue Number: at038
Duration: 5:37”

Artist: Juan Antonio Nieto
Track: Starry Ring
Album title: Litium
Catalogue Number: at044
Duration: 3:43”

Artist: Hydra (aka Adrià Bofarull)
Track: Atrezzo
Album title: L’Antimatèria
Catalogue Number: at049
Duration: 3:09”

Artist: Carlos Suárez
Track: Paisaje Sonoro Alucinatorio
Album title: Desde La Atalaia
Catalogue Number: at050
Duration: 6:55”

Artist: Elías Merino
Track: Oostructem
Album title: Desde La Atalaia
Catalogue Number: at050
Duration: 6:32”

Artist: Oscar Inzo
Track: Delfeno
Album title: Desde La Atalaia
Catalogue Number: at050
Duration: 2:32”

Artist: Tsone
Track: Pas de Chat
Album title: Pattern Recognition
Catalogue Number: at056
Duration: 3:45”

Artist: Otra Carpeta + Pia Sommer (aka Carlos Edelmiro)
Track: Pia S
Album title: Transparente
Catalogue Number: at059
Duration: 3:45”

Artist: David J. Fonseca
Track: Si Bemol
Album title: Re Menor
Catalogue Number: at060
Duration: 2:03”

Artist: Lauki
Track: CEO
Album title: Gea
Catalogue Number: at061
Duration: 4:37”

Artist: Avelino Saavedra
Track: Melting Point
Album title: MUD
Catalogue Number: at063
Duration: 6:56”

Artist: Javier Piñango
Track: Señal WOW!
Album title: I.r.real Space Music
Catalogue Number: at064
Duration: 6:10”

Artist: Jorge Marredo
Track: 4
Album title: Uéyiga
Catalogue Number: at065
Duration: 6:40”

Artist: Lucas Bolaño
Track: Dócil Cildo
Album title: Amarga Anagrama
Catalogue Number: at069
Duration: 1:49”

Artist: Paco Rossique
Track: Lentamente Geométrica
Album title: Caves
Catalogue Number: at070
Duration: 4:58”

Artist: Atilio Doreste
Track: Ruined House
Album title: Shifting Boundaries
Catalogue Number: at072
Duration: 3:43”

Artist: Cuneta & The National Star College
Track: Shipwreck
Album title: Raw Musics Vol. II
Catalogue Number: at073
Duration: 1:34”
Artist: Árum (Juan Matos Capote & Lali Barrière)
Track: DAP 03
Album title: Diferents A Peu
Catalogue Number: at074
Duration: 7:02”

Artist: Various Artists
Track: Rel16 / VitGas 008
Album title: Relay
Catalogue Number: at075
Duration: 1:36”

Artist: Various Artists
Track: Rel24 / Mad 007
Album title: Relay
Catalogue Number: at075
Duration: 5:12”

Artist: L’Eix (Ferran Fages, Oriol Rosell, Julià Carboneras)
Track: L’angoixa del proïsme.
Album title: Empra Mots
Catalogue Number: atp003
Duration: 4:40”

Artist: Edu Comelles
Track: Chairs for an abandoned Classroom
Album title: A Country Falling Apart
Catalogue Number: atp004
Duration: 4:29”