Summer Camp 2017 / El Polell


Note: Application for this years Summer Camp is already closed. If you arrived late, we strongly encourage you to stay in contact and apply for the 2018 edition.


The Second edition of the Summer Camp takes place at ElPolell, a cottage house at the outskirts of Barcelona. The house is prepared for long term educational programs and its fully prepared to host a group of 15 people. 

During the 9 days residency and workshop participants from all over the world will share, work and explore together the creative possibilities of sound art, field recordings and digital arts as a framework. The workshop will focus the attention on the relationship between soundscape, landscape, technology, and specially the act of listening our environment. 

The workshop wants to serve as a starting point to introduce the participants into all the creative possibilities of sound from a wide range of perspectives. From a musical point of view through narrative, composition, documentary, phonography all through the prism of field recordings and its relationship with the landscape and the natural environment. The Summer Camp includes lecturing hours, a microphone workshop and several outdoor activities ranging from deep listening exercises, field recordings campaigns, the development of sound installations, live performances and site-specific interventions in the natural surroundings. 

By the end of the Camp, the participants will work together towards a public presentation of their work during the stay. This activity will invite local audience into an open evening dedicated to sound art, experimental music inspired by the surrounding landscape and territory. All lecture and practical activities will be conducted and tutored by Edu Comelles.


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